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After two years of isolation and uncertainty, motivating clients to change their
habits can be more frustrating than ever.

Simply telling a client to change their lifestyle won’t change their behavior. It can be a frustrating experience. Especially when it impacts a client’s willingness to continue.

For over 25 years, Angie DeGeronimo’s healthy habit strategies have worked for hundreds of her clients in Silicon Valley.


Now, in the Little Wonders Playbook she reveals a simple formula that makes it easy to improve health outcomes - and get your clients excited about their progress.

This book will support the healthy outcomes you seek for your clients

Angie DeGeronimo has beautifully captured the power of taking small steps to make big changes.  


Just like in yoga and Ayurveda, Angie helps you make better decisions to restore balance and optimize your life.

Dr Suhas Kshirsagar

Author of Change Your Schedule Change Your Life

Angie has made a huge difference in the lives of so many. With this book, she makes her wisdom and passion available to everyone. 


As you read, you will feel as if Angie is right there as you move toward better health and greater joy.

Roberta Reiff Katz

Senior Research Scholar

 Stanford University

It is so creative, fun and truly engaging. Angie has found the fountain of youth and well being!


She reminds me to slow down and take better care of myself and her “little wonders” add a dose of magic to my every day.

Olenka Villarreal

 Founder and CEO
Magical Bridge Foundation


Meet Angie DeGeronimo

For 25 years, Angie DeGeronimo has been a sought after coach to Silicon Valley companies in health, mindset and high performance.


She is a consultant to the Stanford School of Medicine and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

The Little Wonders Playbook reveals a brand new framework for habit change called The A.N.S.W.E.R.


The A.N.S.W.E.R. is powered by Little Wonders, simple, daily habits that move clients toward better health and greater joy - all without lofty goals or difficult lifestyle changes.

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and The Success Principles, is a fan of Little Wonders. Angie is seen here with Mr Canfield.

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Every page is colorful, engaging and fun to read

While recent habit change best-sellers are dense and tough to get through, the Little Wonders Playbook delivers a colorful, positive and engaging habit change experience. 

Order it for yourself and then recommend it to you clients.

When Your Clients Know What To Do
But They Just Don't Do It

Little Wonders are simple, daily habits that gently, course-correct your clients towards a healthy lifestyle.

The Little Wonders Playbook is an action journal that will keep your clients moving forward.

Becoming Mindful

Inspire your clients to pay attention to their choices and engage in the process of change.

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Changing Habits

Your clients will learn how to focus on simple, daily habits that make it easy to achieve their goals.. 


Staying Strong

Everyone experiences set-backs. Your clients will learn how to stay strong when things go wrong.


"I developed these techniques working with hundreds of stressed-out, time-challenged clients over twenty-five years. 

Every page is designed to support the healthy outcomes you seek for your clients".

Angie DeGeronimo

Author, Coach and Habit Change Expert
Palo Alto

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Wisdom From

The Little Wonders Playbook

Pay attention to what is eating up all of your precious time and energy.


When you think of your energy as your life force, you’ll understand why it’s so important to devote your time only to things that are life-giving — and positive for you.

Chapter 3 | Attention

Make small incremental shifts in your habits toward the change you want to see. Use Habit Stacking to lock in your new habits.


Continually adapt until you find the formula that works for you. Repetition will rewire your brain auto-magically.

Chapter 5 | Shift

As your habits evolve, expect some setbacks. When you witness the struggle to change, and consciously engage with it, you will grow — and ultimately win!


Don’t forget to detox your media consumption and social platforms too.

Chapter 6 | Witness

You have rewired your brain with new,  life-affirming, energy-giving habits. Every day you build on what you learned the day before. You improve 1% each day which means you improve 365% in one year. You are engaged in a process of change that builds on itself.

Chapter 8 | Rise

Reserve Book

No more lofty goals.
Just simple, daily habits.

Clients are coming to you because they seek your knowledge and support.


This book will help ensure they change their habits and achieve positive outcomes under your care.

Order it for yourself and then recommend it to you clients.

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The Little Wonders Playbook
By Angie DeGeronimo

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